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Preproduction status

Posted by Dp Deng on June 03, 2015 . 0 Comments

Dear Backers and Friends,

Here's a quick update on the mould and preproduction.

Our mould traveled back and forth between its maker and its user a few times. I'm so happy to tell you, we got it through. Here are some photos of the shells made with the repaired mould.

 And we made some more, 100 units to be exact.

 We silk printed NFC logo on them


We will fully assemble 100 units tomorrow, and then we will go through a battery of reliability tests on them. If there's any serious issue, we'll find a solution. If everything goes smoothly, we'll move to the mass production and shipping to California. 

Mass Production

Normally the mass production begins after we sign off the final report on the reliability test of the preproduction, and the manufacturer will start to order materials, electronic and mechanical, packaging material, printed material and a whole bunch of others. It takes time for the buyers to purchase them from other manufacturers in the supply chain. The lead time may take up to 6 weeks. In the last couple of weeks, we made a decision to purchase all materials that deemed not to be show stoppers as soon as possible. For example, we finalized our design of the package, quick start guide, warranty, registration card, so we ordered them from the print shop. We also have to contend with our manufacturer's other clients, we work very hard to push the manufacturer to schedule time for us on the assembly line.

Our objective is to ship the BTunes in June if everything goes smoothly, and to deliver them into your hands and on your headphones. 

I will update you on the result of the preproduction soon. Stay tuned.

Best regards,