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Preproduction status

Posted by Dp Deng on May 28, 2015 . 0 Comments

We scheduled to have a preproduction run in early May, but our mould got damaged on the injection machine at the plastic injection factory. We had to fix it and restart the preproduction phase, and we are very close to get it done in the next few days.

Here's one photo that shows 1 of 3 parts of damages.

Here's 1 of the 3 parts that got damaged for your reference
After the preproduction run, we'll schedule mass production and then we could start to deliver. Our original schedule is to deliver to our Kickstarter backers in May and preorder backers in June. We are late for our Kickstarter backers and feel sorry about it. We are working very hard to finish everything in June. One of the risk in the manufacturing process is something unforeseen events. A mould gets damaged after delivering from the mould maker to the injection factory is an rarest event. 
I will keep blogging any new updates. I will have some new photos for the plastic shells.
Thank you.