New Bose QC25 Release

Plug in Pure Wireless HiFi Sound
Make Your Wired Headphones Wireless
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the BTunes: bluetoothifying your headphones

"New QC25" Release

Untangle Your Headphones
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$ 69.00 $ 99.00

New Release: Introduce a new member of the family: the BTunes customized for Bose Quiet Comfort 25, shipping on December 6, 2017.


  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Built-in amp
  • aptX for CD quality streaming
  • aptX-LL low latency stream to eliminate audio/video lip sync
  • works great with the tiny aptX-LL transmitter for in-flight entertainment
  • up to 10 hours play/talk time
  • universal micro-USB charging, you will never need to unplug
  • Apple iPhone, iPads. Samsung/LG/Huawei/Oppo/Android. Windows/Mac.
  • more ...



The Original. Beautifully Designed and One of a Kind

The BTunes: truckloads of features

Love Your Headphones. Not Get Caught in Wires.


 Plug in the BTunes and Be Merry

 Amazingly Good Looking


Totally Wire Free Experience on Airplanes

Tiny low latency aptX Bluetooth Transmitter




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